Liquid diet

The secret diet offered at expensive spas! It is on her that Angelina Jolie is losing weight. Now you can repeat it at home, losing up to 10 kg in 2 weeks.

juice and water for a drinking diet

The liquid diet gained popularity at the beginning of this millennium and immediately caused a sensation. Even today, it remains the secret of many expensive spa centers, where world stars put their figure in order. This technique can be based on a wide variety of products, but only on those that do not need to be eaten, but drunk.

A well-chosen drinking diet is a great way to quickly shed excess weight without a painful fast while cleansing the intestines and removing harmful substances from the tissues.

Features of liquid weight loss

During the entire period of weight loss, the drink diet consists only of low-calorie liquid foods.

With the correct approach, the drinking diet will be as effective as possible for weight loss, and will also bring considerable benefit to the body - the plumb line can be 10 kg against the background of high-quality cleansing, general healing and rejuvenation.

Pros and cons

In addition to the above advantages of drinking food systems, they have several more important advantages over other diets:

  1. They transfer very easily, without the exhausting feeling of hunger.
  2. Safe for health, it does not generate metabolic stress.
  3. Completely removes toxins, toxins and decomposition products.
  4. It allows you to maintain physical performance, mental activity, good humor.
  5. Saturate with essential nutrients.
  6. Based on a varied menu that requires no special foods or meticulous calorie counting.

It is not recommended to use this technique for a long time (more than 14 days) due to the following disadvantages:

  1. A pronounced diuretic effect, which can lead to micronutrient deficiencies.
  2. Adverse effects of the lack of solid food in the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Imbalance in the diet.

Due to the diuretic effect and the elimination of a significant amount of fluid, constipation can become one of the unpleasant consequences of liquid nutrition. To eliminate this problem, it is recommended to use herbal teas or preparations based on senna. In addition, senna itself is beneficial for weight loss, as it allows you to cleanse the intestines and prevent the absorption of fat through the intestinal walls.

decoction of herbs for a drinkable diet

But this rather powerful laxative should not be abused. As a general rule, senna is not used in its pure form, but is mixed with other plant raw materials to prepare infusions. The most frequently applied rate is:

  • senna leaves - 10 g;
  • dandelion - 10 g;
  • parsley leaves - 10 g;
  • nettle - 10 g;
  • dill seeds - 5 g;
  • mint - 5 g.

All components are mixed, then 1 tbsp. l. The collection is poured with 1 glass of boiling water. After 3 hours of infusion, the drink is filtered and taken after meals. In this case, the dose should be increased daily, starting with one glass, brought up to two, and then again reduced to one.

How to enter correctly

A liquid diet requires very careful preparation, since all organs and systems must adapt to a radical change in the principles of nutrition and the composition of the diet. The preparatory period is designed for 3 days, during which the following menu is supposed to be observed:

Day 1

  • 8: 00 - buckwheat porridge, oatmeal or semolina;
  • 10: 00 - low-fat fermented milk drink;
  • 13: 00 - thick vegetable soup, a portion of boiled beef with 1 slice of bread;
  • 16: 00 - 1 citrus or apple;
  • 19: 00 - vegetable stew;
  • 9: 00 pm - fermented milk drink.

Day 2

  • 8: 00 - steamed vegetarian dish;
  • 10: 00 - warm milk;
  • 1: 00 pm - a serving of veal with buckwheat porridge and herbs;
  • 4: 00 pm - cashews;
  • 19: 00 - mashed potatoes with milk;
  • 9: 00 pm - fermented milk drink.

Day 3

  • 8: 00 - mashed potatoes without additives, diluted with broth to a liquid state;
  • 10: 00 - herbal tea;
  • 1: 00 pm - carrot salad with a little honey;
  • 16: 00 - yogurt;
  • 19: 00 - the same mashed potatoes as in the morning;
  • 9: 00 pm - kefir.

Classic drinking diet

Liquid weight loss techniques can range from the hungriest to the most difficult. The most acceptable and common is the classic diet. He is, if not completely harmless, then, in any case, he is not as "evil" as other species.

chicken broth to drink diet

The diet should be as follows:

  • 8: 00 - a decoction of oats;
  • 9: 00 - vegetable broth;
  • 10: 00 - pure boiling water;
  • 11: 00 - fresh fruit or vegetables, diluted with water in a ratio of 3: 1 (best of all apple, orange, pear, carrot, tomato, celery);
  • 12: 00 - low-fat milk;
  • 13: 00 - pure boiling water;
  • 14: 00 - compote of berries, fruits or nuts;
  • 15: 00 - meat broth;
  • 16: 00 - pure boiling water;
  • 17: 00 - pure boiling water;
  • 18: 00 - fruit juice diluted with water in a ratio of 3: 1 (best of all apple, orange, pear or grape);
  • 19: 00 - vegetable broth;
  • 20: 00 - pure boiling water;
  • 9: 00 pm - yogurt.

Decoction recipes:

  • oats - ½ cup of oats per 1 liter of water, cook for 30 minutes, drain;
  • meat: 200 g of finely chopped lean beef per 1 liter of water, cook for 60 minutes, drain;
  • vegetables, fruits, berries: 300 g raw or 100 g dry per 1 liter of water, cook for 10 minutes, drain.

Varieties of liquid diets.

There is a sufficient number of types of liquid diets based on the use of a variety of thicker soft foods or drinks: smoothies, pulped juices, mashed dishes. The main thing is that with such a food system, you cannot eat anything that requires chewing; all food must be drunk. It should be borne in mind that an important part of liquid diets are quite safe for health, but there are those that can pose a real threat to well-being. Therefore, you should choose them taking into account not only effectiveness and taste preferences, but also for medical reasons.


Almost all very strict consumption food systems are quite difficult to tolerate as they are very low in calories, associated with a constant feeling of hunger, and also create severe stress for all systems. Most of the time, these diets are based on water or clear drinks.


The most severe of all liquid diets is water. Its rules prohibit the use of anything other than water. In fact, this method of weight loss is a normal fast, so it is recommended to use it as a fast day. The main rule of such weight loss is the quality of the water: it must be clean, not boiled, not mineralized, without gas. Thawed or settled, and then passed through a filter is great.

water to drink diet

It is necessary to enter the slimming process longer than indicated in the general rules for liquid diets. Especially if the duration of the course is longer than 3 days. You must introduce food restrictions for at least a week; First, ditch the junk food and then switch entirely to plant foods.

Sitting in the water, overcoming exhausting hunger, is pointless. Such a hunger strike will not produce positive results, but will only lead to stress, weakness, deterioration of mood, and increased fat storage.

Therefore, if the lack of water causes great discomfort, it is better to refuse it by choosing a milder weight loss option.


Another of the most difficult types of drinking techniques for weight loss is the so-called clear liquid diet. It is based on the rejection of not only solid food, but also opaque drinks.

juices for a drinking diet

The allowed drinks are:

  • ordinary and clean drinking water;
  • juices without pulp;
  • strained compotes, vegetable broths, herbal teas;
  • lean meats, fish broths.

In addition, several rules should be observed for the preparation and use of such liquids:

  • drink one drink every hour, 200-250 ml;
  • dilute all fresh juices with water (ratio 3: 1).


The juice diet is one of the best cleansing and healing methods for losing weight. It provides high-quality removal of all excess from the intestines and tissues, is saturated with vitamins and useful elements, accelerates metabolism, improves the digestion process, and also has a healing effect. As a rule, simultaneously with the normalization of body weight, it is possible to get rid of diseases associated with obesity: atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and liver pathologies.

fruit and vegetable juices for a drinking diet

There are many juice based diet schemes. But for the liquid version, only those that involve the use of exclusively fresh juices are suitable. They are observed for 3-5 days. In this case, the diet consists of only 1-1. 5 liters of juice, which is very close to starvation.

The most commonly used types of juices are:

  • vegetable:
    • carrot;
    • cabbage;
    • cucumber;
    • pumpkin.
  • Fruit:
    • pineapple;
    • Apple;
    • citrus.

You can also use any other drink. The main thing is that they are freshly squeezed from pure natural raw materials.

Almost all fruits and a significant portion of vegetable juices should not be drunk undiluted while on a juice diet. Depending on the saturation, it is recommended to dilute them with water or neutral juices in a ratio of 1: 1, 1: 2 or 1: 3.

A single serving of the finished drink is 250 ml. Between drinking the juice, you must drink clean water; the daily rate is at least 1. 5 liters.


The liquid food regimen is popular with the biggest stars in show business, fashion, and beauty. In particular, with the help of these techniques, such famous personalities as Angelina Jolie and Adriana Lima lose weight. It is true that each of them has its own individual program.

Angelina Jolie

The famous actress was the first to use a liquid diet to lose weight after giving birth. But she stuck to it for 3 weeks, which is considered too long for such methods. Also, Angelina Jolie was actively involved in sports throughout the entire period. As a result, she lost 12 kg of excess weight in 21 days.

lemon water to drink diet

Jolie's diet is quite complex, requiring a strong willpower and unwavering motivation. Throughout the course, the actress only eats vegetable and chicken broths, she drinks herbal teas diluted with fresh water.

Other sources say that she is drinking a special diet lemonade, which she makes from it according to her own recipe. For the preparation, she uses mineral water with the addition of lemon juice, Chinese pepper, maple syrup. The drink is taken 5 times a day, 200 ml.

Adriana Lima

The liquid slimming version of famous Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is even stricter. She only consumes low calorie protein shakes and a significant amount of water for 9 days in a row. In addition, Adriana trains 2 times a day and does sports not only during the diet, but constantly.

protein shake for diet drink

The model's diet is quite simple, throughout the day she:

  • drink only a cocktail of egg protein powder (5 times a day, 300 ml);
  • take complex multivitamin preparations;
  • also drink 3. 5 liters of clean water.

This slimming technique is often referred to as the "Victoria Diet" because it is often followed by other models from the famous agency.

On normal days, Adriana Lima consumes meat, honey, sometimes chocolate or donuts are allowed, but in a very limited way. While many nutritionists refer to this nutritional system as a direct path to anorexia, Adriana looks great. According to her, she should constantly eat healthy and nutritious food, then a 9-day course on protein shakes will not do any harm. However, this method is not only very extreme, but also dangerous, so it can only be used after consulting a doctor.


Liquid diets with a soft diet are suitable for almost everyone, they allow you to lose weight without hunger or discomfort. They can be less effective than strict ones, but definitely harmless to health and psyche.


All protein weight loss techniques are known to be very effective. The rules of such diets drastically limit the consumption of carbohydrates and significantly reduce the amount of fat. In the case of a liquid version of the protein diet, you should consume dairy and sour-milk drinks, as well as raw eggs, meat or fish broths.

eggs and milk to drink

There are two main benefits of this way of eating:

  1. Weight loss occurs by breaking down fat without reducing muscle mass.
  2. There is no constant feeling of hunger.

An example of a menu in this case can be the following:

  • 8: 00 - kefir;
  • 9: 00 - meat broth;
  • 10: 00 - milk;
  • 11: 00 - fish broth;
  • 12: 00 - 2 raw eggs (or unsweetened eggnog);
  • 13: 00 - yogurt;
  • 14: 00 - meat broth;
  • 15: 00 - milk;
  • 16: 00 - fish broth;
  • 17: 00 - eggnog-mogul without sugar;
  • 18: 00 - yogurt;
  • 19: 00 - 2 raw eggs;
  • 20: 00 - fish broth;
  • 9: 00 pm - Fermented baked milk.

The recipes for diet eggnog are somewhat different from the traditional ones. To prepare it, the eggs are beaten only with milk or water. Vanillin or nutmeg can be added if desired.

A significant disadvantage of a liquid protein diet is an increased load on the kidneys. Furthermore, it is the increased drinking regimen that further exacerbates the problem, because the diet contains not only a lot of protein, but also a significant amount of fluid. Therefore, this liquid weight loss option can be used in the complete absence of health problems.

Doctor Nazardan

The most satisfying and comfortable to follow of all liquid diets is Dr. Nazardan's program. There are no restrictions on it, except the exclusion of solid foods and alcohol. The menu can include anything that can be called liquid, including semolina, pureed soups, pureed vegetables, or fruits.

puree soup to drink diet

As a bariatric surgeon specializing in the surgical treatment of obesity, Nazardan developed this nutritional system for his patients prior to gastric banding (a strong reduction in its volume). The doctor offers the following menu:

  • 8: 00 - milk semolina;
  • 10: 00 - mashed potatoes;
  • 1: 00 pm - pea puree soup;
  • 16: 00 - steamed vegetables, chopped in a blender;
  • 21: 00 - Curdled milk.

When observing such a diet, you should only use low-fat foods, and also eat in small portions.

For points

Another very mild liquid food system is based on a special nutritional principle that requires scoring. This technique is very popular in the United States. It is designed for 1 week and involves the use of certain products (in parentheses, the number of points in 1 glass):

  • decoction of oats (5);
  • compote of fruits or nuts (5);
  • vegetable decoction (5);
  • fresh vegetables, diluted with water 1: 1 (10);
  • low-fat kefir (10);
  • fresh fruit, diluted with water 3: 1 (20);
  • skim milk (20);
  • Lean broth (20).
compote of dried fruits for a drinkable diet

During the day, you cannot use more than 130 points. The optimal menu option should include all the specified items. In this case, it will be the following:

  • 8: 00 - oatmeal broth;
  • 9: 00 - compote of fruits or nuts;
  • 10: 00 - a decoction of vegetables;
  • 11: 00 - fresh vegetables;
  • 12: 00 - low-fat kefir;
  • 13: 00 - fresh fruit;
  • 14: 00 - skimmed milk;
  • 15: 00 - lean meat broth;
  • 16: 00 - a decoction of vegetables;
  • 17: 00 - oatmeal broth;
  • 18: 00 - compote;
  • 19: 00 - fresh vegetables;
  • 20: 00 - Low fat fermented milk drink.

Also, you need to drink water, tea or coffee. Sugar, salt are completely excluded.

For smoothies

The shake diet is ideal for losing weight quickly, easily and deliciously. In such a food system, you can shed 7-8 kg in 2 weeks, absolutely without harm to your health.

fruit smoothies to drink diet

The absence of heat treatment allows you to preserve vitamins and useful elements. And the low calorie content and consistency ensure rapid weight loss.

Additionally, the benefits of a liquid smoothie diet include:

  • lack of hunger, major restrictions and damage to health;
  • beneficial effect on the body: strengthens immunity, improves the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • reduce the risk of lazy bowel syndrome, typical of other drinking techniques, due to the presence of pulp (fiber).

If you follow such a diet, you must adhere to several rules:

  1. A single serving of shakes should not exceed 250 ml.
  2. The drink is consumed 5 times a day.
  3. Before cooking, all fruits must be peeled.
  4. The finished dish should have a drinkable consistency.

Also, you should consume at least 2 liters of water per day.

An approximate daily diet may include the following cocktails:

Option 1:

  • 8: 00 - 100 ml of skim yogurt and milk, ½ banana, 1 tsp. honey;
  • 11: 00 - 2 oranges, 2 kiwis, ½ grapefruit;
  • 14: 00 - tomato, cucumber, some herbs and garlic, yogurt in the required amount;
  • 16: 00 - 600 g of raspberries, 200 ml of fermented baked milk;
  • 19: 00 - 1 carrot, ½ apple, 2 celery stalks, water.

Option 2:

  • 8: 00 - 2 oranges, ½ lime, ½ banana;
  • 11: 00 - 2 tomatoes, 150 ml of carrot juice, parsley, sorrel;
  • 14: 00 - a handful of strawberries, 2 kiwis, almond milk in the right amount;
  • 16: 00 - 2 peaches, 1 apple, a handful of raspberries or currants;
  • 19: 00 - 4 apricot pulp, 2 tbsp. l. bran, yogurt.

Option 3:

  • 8: 00 - pineapple slices, orange juice;
  • 11: 00 - a handful of strawberries, 1 apple, fermented baked milk;
  • 2: 00 pm - 50 ml each of pomegranate and fresh carrot, 1 stalk of celery;
  • 16: 00 - 2 tomatoes, dill, yogurt;
  • 19: 00 - 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, a bunch of sorrel, carrot juice.

Option 4:

  • 8: 00 - 1 banana, 100 ml of apple juice, 50 ml of fresh carrot, fermented baked milk, vanillin or cinnamon to taste;
  • 11: 00 - 1 tomato, 100 g of broccoli, 1 carrot, herbs, yogurt;
  • 14: 00 - 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 salad pepper, dill, parsley, basil, yogurt;
  • 16: 00 - 500 g of boiled pumpkin, 100 ml of milk, cinnamon to taste.
  • 19: 00 - 1 carrot, ½ apple, 2 celery stalks, water.

Get off the diet

Basically, any liquid diet consists of two stages: lose weight and go out. This is due to the fact that the wrong transition from a drinking diet to a regular one can not only nullify all efforts to shed extra pounds, but can also cause significant harm to health. That is why no less attention is paid to getting out of the process than to losing weight outright.

A special menu has also been developed for this period.

Option 1 (for 3 days)

Day 1:

  • 8: 00 - 200 g of liquid mashed potatoes;
  • 10: 30 - chamomile tea;
  • 13: 00 - 200 g of grated carrots with honey;
  • 16: 30 - 200 ml of fermented baked milk;
  • 19: 00 - 200 g of liquid mashed potatoes;
  • in the evening - 200 ml of yogurt to drink.

Day 2:

  • 8: 00 - 250 g of steamed vegetables;
  • 10: 30 - 200 ml of skimmed milk;
  • 13: 00 - 200 g of buckwheat porridge with herbs (without oil);
  • 16: 30 - 10 cashews;
  • 19: 00 - mashed potatoes with milk;
  • in the evening - 200 ml of kefir.

Day 3:

  • 8: 00 - milk semolina;
  • 10: 30 - 200 ml of kefir;
  • 13: 00 - thick vegetarian soup, 250 g of veal, bread;
  • 16: 30 - 1 apple;
  • 19: 00 - boiled or stewed vegetables;
  • in the evening - 200 ml of curdled milk.

Option 2 (for 4 days)

Day 1:

  • 8: 00 - mashed cabbage, yogurt;
  • 10: 00 - boiled carrot salad, orange juice;
  • 13: 00 - baked pear puree, berry juice;
  • 16: 00 - vegetarian soup, chamomile tea;
  • 19: 00 - pumpkin puree, milk.

Day 2:

  • 8: 00 - stewed vegetables, drinking yogurt;
  • 10: 00 - fruit salad, yogurt;
  • 13: 00 - vegetable stew, fresh citrus;
  • 16: 00 - salad, berry juice;
  • 19: 00 - vinaigrette, tea.

Day 3:

  • 8: 00 - millet milk porridge, vegetable broth;
  • 10: 00 - vegetable salad, compote;
  • 13: 00 - vegetarian mushroom soup, milk;
  • 16: 00 - chicken broth;
  • 19: 00 - vegetable stew, beet salad, fermented baked milk.

Day 4:

  • 8: 00 - oatmeal with pieces of dried fruit, tea;
  • 10: 00 - baked apples, compote;
  • 13: 00 - boiled fish with potatoes, bread, compote;
  • 16: 00 - fruit cocktail;
  • 19: 00 - chicken soup, vegetable salad, drink yogurt.

Only after the correct implementation and completion of the output, the entire weight loss course can be considered complete. In the future, you should change to a healthy diet, reduce the amount or give up sweet, starchy, fried, fatty foods and everything else that can harm your figure and your health. Only then will the results obtained be consolidated for a long time.

The number of kilograms dropped depends on the selected menu option, the initial body weight, the metabolic rate and other individual characteristics of the body. That is why it can vary in a fairly wide range. On average, in 1 week, you can lose 3-5 kg, and with a high starting weight, the plumb bob can be 5-8 kg.

A liquid diet is a reliable way to ensure weight loss and maintain a slim figure. A properly organized regimen of such a diet can normalize body weight, cleanse the intestines, and heal all organs and systems.